Using Robocopy to copy backups and maintain file retention.

I am using Tara’s excellent MsSQL Backup script to backup my SQL databases. This is an excellent way to backup SQL DB’s if you have an SQL Express version installed. Heck,   I even use this when higher SQL versions are installed (with maintenance plan possibilities and stuff).
On top of that, I needed a script which was able to:
– Move my MsSQL BAK files from a local disk to a network path. This is because the backup script does not allow to backup to UNC paths.
– Clean up older backups on the destination directory.

I found (actually, I already knew) that Robocopy was a very nifty tool to do things like this.

My Howto:

Prepare your destination (backup) drive on your network by creating 2 ‘dummy dir’s:

  • 1 actual backup destination folder on your remote fileserver (eg \\bck_svr\SQL_Backup)
  • 1 directory to move your older files too ( eg \\bck_svr\delete)
  • 1 always directory that acts as a ‘delete mirror’ ( eg \\bck_svr\EMPTY)

After that, just download and install the Resource Kit Tools, and create a BAT script that looks like: