Migrating MySQL to a new server

When you need to migrate a MySQL server instance to a new server for any reason, eg upgrade of hardware, distri upgrade,… you can easily do the following:

Migrating the databases
On the “old” mysql server, you need to export all databases by:

Copy your sql dump file with eg rsync

On the new server, import your dumps:

Migrating the users

If you are migrating to the same MySQL version you can export all users and settings by dumping the mysql database itself.

and just copy & import of that file on the new server

However, when doing a MySQL version upgrade, we need to export all the Users and their privileges.

Here’s an easy bash script to do this.

Copy the lines between the ———————-

Login on your new server, go to the mysql shell via the admin user

And paste the output from our previous script.

Et Voila, your databases and users are migrated!