Configure NewRelic on Plesk

Installing NewRelic on a Plesk server is as straight forward as any other NewRelic installation. However… it’s not that easy to split up your PHP Applications on a per vhost configuration in Plesk.

I found this to be very usefull: pixlsHQ NewRelic Customer Template for Plesk

It adds the NewRelic Application names inside the by Plesk generated vhost configurations.

It’s very easy to implement, so I won’t explain here how to do it 🙂

Update November 12 – 2015:
The github link does no longer work on Plesk v12. However, the following easy work around is sufficient for my needs.
Just add

newrelic.appname = “{DOCROOT}”

to you Service Plans => PHP Settings => Additional configuration directives.

That way, you’ll get every subscriptions reported as a different Application with a name of: /var/www/vhosts/subscriptionname/httpdocs

2 thoughts on “Configure NewRelic on Plesk”

    1. Hi Alex,

      sorry for the late response… At the time of writing it was not possible in an automatic way, as Plesk does not provide the Domainname or Subscription name as a variable in templating your domains.
      So, sorry to say, but no, it’s not possible in an easy way…


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