Configure NewRelic on Plesk

Installing NewRelic on a Plesk server is as straight forward as any other NewRelic installation. However… it’s not that easy to split up your PHP Applications on a per vhost configuration in Plesk.

I found this to be very usefull: pixlsHQ NewRelic Customer Template for Plesk

It adds the NewRelic Application names inside the by Plesk generated vhost configurations.

It’s very easy to implement, so I won’t explain here how to do it 🙂

Update November 12 – 2015:
The github link does no longer work on Plesk v12. However, the following easy work around is sufficient for my needs.
Just add

newrelic.appname = “{DOCROOT}”

to you Service Plans => PHP Settings => Additional configuration directives.

That way, you’ll get every subscriptions reported as a different Application with a name of: /var/www/vhosts/subscriptionname/httpdocs